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Thank you Oprah for helping raise awareness about puppy mills and bad breeders!

 If you feel uncomfortable and / or do not have the time to research a breeder then I highly recommend adopting from a Humane Society or Shelter. 

 There are many four legged friends that need and deserve a forever loving home.

It is my feeling that if EVERY breeder takes full responsibility for EVERY puppy they bring into this world, Humane Societies and Rescue Shelters would not be filled with unwanted pets.

 Until everyone begins to do their research and chooses NOT to adopt from a pet store, "bad breeder", or "puppy mill" then our fur friends will continue to live in the horrendous undeserving conditions that many do now. Humane Societies and Rescue Shelters will remain overfull of unwanted pets.  

Please adopt from a Humane Society or Rescue Shelter....not a pet store or puppy mill.

Pet stores purchase their puppies from puppy mills.

If you are looking for a breeder of a specific breed, please be aware.....

There are many, many, many bad breeders / puppy mills out their.....it is your responsibility to research to make sure you are NOT adopting from one of them. By adopting from them, you are helping them to stay in business.

There are quite a few very good and honest breeders out there too.

They are not breeding to become rich- it is their passion for the breed - literally a labor of love.

Most of the money they make goes back into their dogs for vet bills, food, grooming, toys, etc.


Whether you are looking in your local paper or on the internet for your future fur friend you should ALWAYS do your research before adopting from a breeder.

There are both good and bad breeders EVERYWHERE!

It's up to all of us to make a difference.....

We adopted our first fur baby "Daisy" from a local Humane Society as a 12 week old puppy.

She is a German Shepherd - Collie mix and is now 9 years old.

I saw her on The Paula Sands Live Show....and just had to have her.

 Daisy is our movie star!



Daisy is the guardian of our whole family. 

She is very protective over our boys and our Tzu's.

She is a very sweet and loving girl who we adore! 

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